Reconstruction Unit number 1 Zmiyiv TPP

In order to implement the instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 648-p dated 08.09.2004, PJSC "Centrenergo" prepares the reconstruction of the power unit №1 at Zmiivska TPP.
The following normative documents form the background for implementation of the project

  • Order № 236 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine dated 17.06.2010 "About amendment of the annex to the order № 499 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine dated 09.10.2008 "About approval of the Plan of reconstruction and modernization of thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants during the period till 2020".
  • Order № 75 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine dated 25.02.2010 "About approval of the Standard technical specifications for modernization of TPP power units 200 MW and 300 MW with purpose frequency and capacity regulation".
  • Order №541 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine dated 22.10.2008 "About approval of the technological norms of the admissible emissions from thermal power facilities with rated thermal capacity above 50 MW".
  • Decision №16/2010 of the Management of PJSC "Centrenergo" (minutes of meeting dated 13.05.2010).

The purpose of the reconstruction:

  • Extension of the service life of the power unit by 20 years;
  • Increase of the electric capacity up to 215 MW and the maneuverability range of the power unit to 70 - 100 %;
  • Increase of the power unit efficiency;
  • Combustion of low-reaction coal without backlighting with natural gas or fuel oil within the range of load of 100 - 70 % of the rated value and with minimum backlighting with natural gas or fuel oil with reliable extraction of liquid slags and slagging-free mode of the boiler heating surfaces at the power unit load less than 70 % of the rated value;
  • Reduction of the ambient emissions: coal ash - up to 50 mg/m3, sulphurous anhydride - up to 400 mg/m3 and nitrogen oxide - up to 400 mg/m3;
  • Provision of the power unit time availability on the level not lower 0,9.

The reconstruction provides for the following scope of works:
1. For boiler unit:

  • Recovering the steam capacity of the boiler TP-100 up to 640 t/h during operation with coal without backlighting within the range of loads of 70 - 100 %;
  • Putting into compliance the cold air inflows into combustor with design value at the boiler rated steam capacity;
  • Putting into compliance the cold air inflows into gas ducts with the value not exceeding 25 % at the boiler rated steam capacity;
  • Replacement of the drum, heating surfaces and steam pipelines which have exhausted their resource and have an impact to the power unit service life;
  • Recovering the pulverized coal handling systems capacity to design value, replacement of the ball-tube mill sealing, modernization of the coal dust classifiers, burner devices;
  • Replacement of the induced-draught fan.

2. For turbine unit:

  • Replacement of the turbine cylinders with modernized ones with achievement of capacity 215 MW;
  • Replacement of the steam distribution units and the turbine regulation system with compliance with normative parameters on frequency and capacity regulation, equipping with rotor hydraulic jacking system and modernized low pressure cylinder (LPC) cooling system.

3. For gas treatment equipment - replacement of Venturi pipes with scrubbers with modern electric precipitators with efficiency not less than 99,95 %.
4. For I&C system - replacement with full-scale instrumentation and control system based on modern hardware components with extensive functionalities.
5. For desulphurization plant (FGD) - project development, implementation of works is planned during the Stage IІ.
The project implementation schedule provides for shutdown of the power unit №1 at Zmiivska TPP in 2013 and re-commissioning for commercial operation after reconstruction in 2014.
The project on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit will be implemented with the following milestones:

  1. Reconstruction of the turbine;
  2. Reconstruction of the boiler unit;
  3. Reconstruction of I&C system;
  4. Resource replacement of auxiliaries;
  5. Reconstruction of the gas treatment equipment;
  6. Construction of the flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) (ІІ stage).