The beginning of the heating season in the city Svetlodarsk

9.10.2013 According to the dispatching schedule of the State enterprise «Energorynok» 08.10.2013 year in 3 hours 48 minutes are connected to the incorporated power system of Ukraine, the first unit of Uglegorskaya TPP. In order to run up and adjustment works on the power unit is provided by carrying the load equal to 200 MW. Within three days will be implemented heating supply in the city Svetlodarsk from the boiler station power unit №1. In the first instance will be connected social objects, namely, kindergartens, schools, hospitals.It should also be noted that ends up works at the newly constructed…Read more →

Construction of flue gas desulfurization system began at the second power unit of Trypilska TPP

2.08.2013 Since July of the current year the construction of new environmental facility - flue gas desulfurization plant (FGD) began at Trypilska TPP. The erection of FGD plant is provided within the framework of feasibility study for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit No2 at Trypilska TPP and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.Given the importance of this project for the preservation of the environment and the lack of experience in construction of this kind of plants in Ukraine, the event of laying the foundation of this building became a milestone, symbolic step that…Read more →

Fire remedial works started at Vuglegirska TPP

5.04.2013 Following the fire at Vuglegirska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo" which happened on March, 29 at 15:14, four pulverized coal fired power units with total installed capacity 1200 MW, making the first TPP phase, were damaged. Thus the turbine hall, panels and cabling suffered. The boiler shop has insignificant damages. As of today the works to clear the equipment of metal structures from the damaged roof and to define its condition were started. The urgent remedial works will follow.Despite of emergency evacuation of the personnel from the dangerous area and the measures undertaken at the moment of fire…Read more →

Review of Centrenergo's basic performance indicators for the period of 9 months 2012

1.11.2012 Following the results of 9 months 2012 the generating capacities of PJSC "Centrenergo" continue to hold the leading positions concerning the electricity production parameters. The Company's power plants have produced 13.754 million kWh of electricity that by 31,6 % exceeds the parameter of the same period of 2011. The electric power output to consumers has made 12.624 million kWh. The electricity production market share within the sector of thermal generation for 9 months of the current year has grown up to 23,2 % and in the total volume of the Ukrainian generation has made 9,4 %.The installed…Read more →

Ash Processing – the Way to Liquidate Ash-Disposal Areas

13.07.2012 The electricity production by the coal-fired thermal power plants is naturally accompanied by formation of waste products such as ashes and slag with carbon content. The ash processing technologies are currently successfully applied in the world. The qualitative boiler fly ash satisfying the standards is suitable for use in manufacture of cement and concrete as the additive.The obtaining of such product is one of the priority directions of possible cooperation of French construction company "Lafarge" and PJSC "Centrenergo". The signature of the mutual Memorandum of intent will become the basis…Read more →

Winners of the Program "Person of the Year – 2011" will be announced in March

18.01.2012 On January, 17, 2012 following the expert survey the names of the best representatives of the Ukrainian elite for their professional achievements in 2011 were announced who are determined as the laureates of the national program "Person of the year – 2011". Among the nominees for the honorary title of the Industrialist of the year – Mr. Olexandr Chmyrenko, the Chief Executive Officer of PJSC "Centrenergo".The sixteenth nationwide program "Person of the year - 2011" will be held in Kyiv on March, 24, 2012 on the stage of the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine". Mr. Arcadiy Raytsin, the Program…Read more →