The Company's structure includes three thermal power plants - Trypilska, Vuglegirska, Zmiivska TPP and the repair service Manufacturing Enterprise (ME) "Remenergo" located in the industrially advanced regions of Ukraine - Kyiv, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. The total installed capacity of the power plants' units makes 7665 MW (14 % of the installed capacity of the whole electric power industry of Ukraine). The power plants are equipped with 23 power units with capacity from 175 MW up to 800 MW, including 18 coal-fired power units and 5 gas and fuel oil units. The manufacturing enterprise "Remenergo" is PJSC "Centrenergo" structural unit which performs the activities on repairing of the main and auxiliary equipment of the Company's thermal power plants.
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Ukraine, 63460, Kharkiv region,
Zmiivsky district, urban-type settlement Slobozhanske,
Balakliyske shosse street, 2
Phone: + (380 5747) 5-22-47 (48)
Fax: + (380 5747) 5-35-85
Zmiivska thermal power plant is reckoned today among five largest Ukrainian TPPs. It is located near Kharkiv in the economically advanced region of Ukraine where at the present moment there are no significant alternative sources of the electric power supply.
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Ukraine, 84792, Donetsk region, Svitlodarsk
Phone: + (380 6249) 5-47-33
Fax: + (380 6249) 5-71-44
Vuglegirska thermal power plant is the most powerful power plant of the Company and the first largest power generating facility in Donetsk region. The designed capacity of Vuglegirska TPP makes 3600 MW .
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Ukraine, 08720, Kyiv region,
Obuhivsky district, Ukrainka
Phone: + (380 4572) 5-52-73
Fax: + (380 4572) 2-15-98
E-mail: kаnс
Trypilska TPP is located on the Dniper river bank in 45 km to the south of Kyiv, near the village Trypillya. After shutdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Trypilska TPP with its installed capacity 1800 MW is the largest power generating facility in Kyiv region.
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Ukraine, 18000, Cherkasy city, st. Motorists, 14
Phone: + (380 472) 63-77-04; Fax: + (380 472) 63-77-04
The manufacturing enterprise "Remenergo" is the repair service structural unit of PJSC "Centrenergo" which performs the repairing works on the main and auxiliary equipment of the Company's thermal power plants.