Zmiivska TPP
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Ukraine, 63460, Kharkiv region, Zmiivsky district, urban-type settlement Slobozhanske,Balakliyske shosse street, 2
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On December, 31, 1960 the first power unit with capacity 200 MW was commissioned. At that time Zmiivska TPP was the largest power plant within the structure of the Production and Power Company "Kharkivenergo".
In 1965 the first stage of the power plant construction was completed which achieved the capacity of 1200 MW. The second stage of the power plant construction started.
In 1969 Zmiivska TPP reached its planned design capacity - 2400 MW and began one of the largest thermal power plants of USSR.
In 1995 during the power engineering system reorganization Zmiivska TPP was taken out from the structure of the Production and Power Company "Kharkivenergo" and was transferred to the State Joint-Stock Power Company "Centrenergo".
In 1999 upon agreement with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine the power plant management made decision about shutdown of the power unit № 8 for reconstruction.
In 2005 the power unit № 8 reconstruction project was completed as a whole.
On December, 31, 2010 – Zmiivska TPP celebrated 50 years anniversary from the date of start-up of the first

Zmiivska thermal power plant is reckoned today among five largest Ukrainian TPPs. It is located near Kharkiv in the economically advanced region of Ukraine where at the present moment there are no significant alternative sources of the electric power supply. The power plant is the largest power generating facility in Slobozhanshchina (Eastern part of Ukraine). Since 1995 Zmiivska TPP is the part of PJSC "Centrenergo" as its separated structural unit.

The major activity is electricity production with output to 110 kV and 330 kV electric network, as well as the district heating supply, water supply and water drainage of the power engineers' village Slobozhanske with current population about 17000 persons, and nearby industrial enterprises.

The installed designed capacity - 2400 MW. To date its actual installed electric capacity makes 2200MW, the structure of the equipment from 175 to 325 MW that ensures the annual electricity production up to 16 billion kWh. Total thermal capacity of the power plant makes 339 Gcal/h.

The basic fuel for TPP is the coal of the grades "A" and "P" which can be combusted by all power plant units.

Since September, 2005 the mechanized auger-type sampler "UNI-SAMPLER" was commissioned for sampling the coal supplied to the power plant. It has considerably facilitated the work of the personnel and has reduced the inaccuracy of coal quality tests which had an economic benefit for settlement of accounts for the supplied coal regarding its authentic quality determination.

All major technological processes of TPP power units operation are controlled remotely. Each unit has the required level of the process protection, process and alarm signaling systems and emergency events recording.

The process water supply system is based on water circulation principle with use of the cooling pond created artificially at site of the bayou lake Liman. The source for recovery of water irrecoverable losses is the river Severski Donets.

In 2005 for the first time in Ukraine the reconstruction of the power unit № 8 at Zmiivska TPP was successfully completed. The reconstruction project was implemented and financed by consortium of the western companies and banks, first of all German. The consortium was headed by the company "Siemens". As a result of the power unit № 8 rehabilitation the installed capacity of the unit was increased from 275 MW up to 325 MW, the operation of the boiler with coal without "backlighting" was achieved, the environmental and economic indicators of the power unit were significantly improved, its service life was extended by 15 - 20 years.

During 59 years of operation Zmiivska TPP produced above 560 billion kWh of electricity. To date within the structure of the power system of Ukraine all 10 TPP power units are in operation and the enterprise remains the stable producer at the energy market of Ukraine.

Today PJSC "Centerenergy" and Zmiivska thermal power plant carry out a complex of construction and installation works for the technical re-equipment of the systems of supplying, preparation and combustion of anthracite fuel with the transfer of boiler units for the use of coal of the mark "B". At the beginning of 2019, at the Zmiivska TPP, three power units (items No. 2, 5, 6) were converted to coal combustion of the gas group.

Тhis means that Zmiivska TPP will keep in the future the status of one of the leading enterprises in the power sector of Ukraine.