Construction of flue gas desulfurization at unit №2 at Trypilska TPP

on the construction of sulfur purification of flue gases power unit No. 2 of Trypillya TPP

  1. Investor (Customer) - PJSC "Centrenergo".
    Registered address: 03151, Kiev, Narodnogo Opolchenya street, 1.
    Postal address: 04053, Kyiv, Vorovskogo street, 4.
    Phone: +38 (044) 364-02-65.
    Fax: +38 (044) 364-02-76.
  2. Location of the construction site - industrial site of Trypilska TPP, Ukraine, 08720, Kiev region, Obukhiv district, Ukrainka, Promyslova street, 1, at a distance of 42 km to the south of Kyiv.
  3. Characteristics of the activities (facility)
    Trypilska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo", as well as other thermal power plants combusting the solid fossil fuel and converting it into clean forms of energy (electricity and heat), thereby creating comfortable working conditions and home comforts, belong to the facilities with high environmental risk due to their specific production. Among all harmful effects caused by the thermal power plants on the environment, the most extensive and hazardous is the impact on the atmospheric air due to emissions of pollutants with the boiler flue gases, primarily sulfur dioxide and ash.

    The power units of Trypilska TPP, constructed and commissioned in 1969-1970 according to the designs developed and approved in conformity with requirements applicable at the time being, were equipped only with systems for ash cleaning of the flue gases, which efficiency is no longer in line with the modern requirements.

    Within the framework of the power unit No 2 reconstruction that begun at Trypilska TPP it is foreseen to construct the first in Ukraine full-scale flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD plant). The plant shall provide the cleaning of the flue gas flow within the range from 450000 Nm3/h to 1300000 Nm3/h of sulfur oxides and ash final treatment, operating with two symmetric lines with capacity from 300000 Nm3/h to 650000 Nm3/h each. The scope of each line shall comprise CFB reactor, bag filter, auxiliary induced draft (ID) fan. The flue gas desulphurization will be based on "semi-dry" technology. The advantages of this technology are as follows:

    • ease of operation and design compactness with sufficiently high levels of flue gas desulphurization and ash cleaning;
    • lack of sewage;
    • high flexibility in the operation, etc.

    The objective of FGD plant construction based on the above technology: exclusively the cleaning of flue gases from sulfur dioxide while increasing the level of flue gas cleaning from ash particles through the introduction of additional plant for FGD product mixed with ash - the bag filter provided minimization of consumption of natural (water, sorbent, air) and energy (electricity and heat) resources.

    Technical and process: The major units, equipment and devices which make the part of FGD plant are as follows:

    • flue gas duct system (untreated and cleaned);
    • two additional ID fans that will ensure flue gas passage through FGD plant;
    • two reactors with their systems;
    • sorbent transportation and handling systems;
    • sorbent storage unit;
    • two bag filters;
    • desulfurization product removal systems;
    • desulfurization product storage and transportation unit;
    • flue gas desulfurization plant I&C system.

    The main sorbent for FGD plant shall be slaked lime Ca(OH)2 which may be supplied to TPP in this form or in the form of quicklime lime CaO. The supply of the reagents and removal of desulphurization product will be implemented by transportation means (road or railroad).

    The desulfurization product will be accumulated temporarily in special reservoirs (tanks) and in case of lack of demand will be further stored within the existing ash removal area.

    The process water supply source for FGD plant will be the existing TPP process water supply system with new pump station in order to ensure the required pressure and flow.

    The pumping equipment for transportation of desulfurization waste to the tank, sorbent dosage system to the reactor, waste product recirculation systems, process tanks and other devices that belong to FGD plant shall be located in the building for the bag filter.

    The construction of the flue gas desulphurization plant will take place under conditions of the ongoing operation of the enterprise (Trypilska TPP).

    Lifetime of FGD plant: According to the terms of reference the service life of the main FGD elements shall make at least 20 years.

    The implementation of FGD plant will be made in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations, rules and standards of Ukraine.
  4. Social and economic necessity of planned activities

    Law of Ukraine "About environmental protection".

    Law of Ukraine "About atmospheric air protection".

    Law of Ukraine "About sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population".

    Law of Ukraine "About fundamentals (strategy) of the State environmental policy of Ukraine until 2020".

    The Regulation No 648-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 08.09.2004 "About measures for reconstruction and modernization of the thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants in the period until 2020".

    The Order No 499 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine dated 09.10.2008 "About approval of the Plan for reconstruction and modernization of the thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants until 2020".
    The Order No 541 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine dated 22.10.2008 "About approval of the technological norms of admissible pollutants emissions from the thermal power plants with rated thermal capacity above 50 MW".

    The Feasibility Study (FS) for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit No 2 at Trypilska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo" designed by OJSC Kharkiv Research and Design Institute "Energoprojekt" which has obtained a positive opinion of the SE "Ukrinvestexpertise" and approved by the Regulation No 1589-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 23.12.2009.

    The urgent need to ensure the substantial reduction of pollutants emissions to the ambient air.
  5. Resource demand during construction and operation

    Land resources
    : the allocation of additional land is not needed, since the construction will take place on the existing industrial site of Trypilska TPP.

    Raw resources:
    During construction - appropriate materials for foundations, steel structures made of carbon steel, supports, jacks, cables, heat insulation;
    During operation - sorbents: slaked lime Ca(OH)2 and quicklime CaO.
    The estimated consumption of slaked lime Ca(OH)2: up to 6540 kg/h.
    The supply source for lime (CaO): The lime producers neighboring with Trypilska TPP supplying the lime with acceptable quality and properties.

    Energy Resources (fuel, electricity, heat): the construction of the compressor station is planned as the own source for compressed air, as well as the installation of additional electrical equipment.
    The electricity consumption - average 5700 kWh.
    The compressed air consumption - average 5300 nm3/h.
    Additional electrical equipment - integrated switchgear 6 kV.

    Water resources: each FGD system line will be provided with complete autonomous process water supply system with estimated flow maximum up to 30 m3/h per line and protection system against freezing at low ambient temperature (up to minus 35 °C), connected to the existing process water supply system of the power plant.
    Manpower: during construction – the number of construction personnel according to the section of the design project "Organization of construction"; during operation - creation of new jobs, the number up to 16.


Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kyiv Oblast State Administration

Director of the Department


"___" _________2014 р.


Kyiv Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Station

Head doctor


"___" _________2014 р.



The head of the Ukrainian city council of the Obukhov district


"___" _________2014 р.

  1. Transportation (during construction and operation)

    The transportation support (during construction and operation) will be provided with use of the existing railroads and highways.
  2. Environmental and other restrictions of the planned activities

    The environmental and fire restrictions are in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  3. Required environmental and engineering preparation and protection of the site territory

    The additional measures on engineering protection of the site and buildings are not required.
  4. Possible environmental impacts of the planned activities (during construction and operation)

    FGD plant represents the facility of environmental protection purpose to be constructed to restrict dramatically the man-made impact of the power unit No 2 of Trypilska TPP on the environment in terms of emissions of sulfur dioxide and ash.

    During construction of FGD plant there will be no harmful impacts on the environment, since the construction works will be performed within the industrial site of Trypilska TPP without large-scale earthworks and intervention into the geological environment.

    The debris and packing materials as they are accumulated will be removed to designated areas. The rainwaters will be removed from the construction site to the existing permanent sewerage. The delivery of steel structures, equipment and materials will be provided via the existing access roads that are in good condition and have tree-belt areas that not only reduce noise, but also significantly reduce their air pollution.

    During FGD plant operation it is expected to reduce significantly sulfur dioxide and ash emissions into the ambient air.
    The desulfurization products will belong to the wastes of IV hazard class and in case of lack of demand shall be stored within the existing ash disposal area in accordance with requirements of the applicable law.
    No wastewater discharges into natural water reservoirs.

    The operation of FGD plant will affect the environmental components as follows:
    • climate and microclimate - no impact;
    • air environment - significant decrease of impact due to the reduction of ambient emissions of sulfur dioxide and ash;
    • water environment - no additional impact;
    • soil - decrease of impact due to reduction of probable pollutants precipitation from the ambient air to the ground;
    • flora and fauna, protected areas - decrease of impact due to reduction of the pollutants content in the ambient air and soil;
    • social environment (population) - positive impact due to reduction of pollutants emissions to the atmosphere;
    • technology-related environment - positive impact due to reduction of possible corrosive impact of sulfur compounds on metal structures.
  5. Wastes of production and possibility for their reuse, recycling, decontamination or safe disposal

    With regard to its physical and chemical properties the obtained FGD product according to the preliminary estimates will correspond to the fourth hazard class and under certain conditions can be the subject to further use in road construction, building industry, but the extent of its use is rather limited. The product non-demanded by the consumers may be the subject to storage on the ash storage area in due course.
  6. Scope of Environmental Impact Assessment

    The environmental impact assessment with due consideration for the construction of FGD plant at the power unit No 2 of Trypilska TPP will be implemented in accordance with the State Construction Rules DBN A.2.2-1 -2003.
  7. Public involvement

    In order to inform the public with respect to the planned activity under the project of FGD plant construction at the power unit No 2 of Trypilska TPP the following measures are provided:

    • contacts with public organizations, representatives of mass media, publication of relevant information messages;
    • publication of the Statement of Intent on the project of construction of the flue gas desulfurization plant at the power unit No 2 of Trypilska TPP on the official websites of Trypilska TPP ( and PJSC "Centrenergo" ( and in the newspaper "Dniprovsky Energetik" published by Trypilska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo";
    • dissemination of materials with information relative to the environmental impact of the project;
    • publication of the Statement on the environmental impacts of the planned activities.
    In case of decision by local authorities about public hearing on the project of FGD plant construction at the power unit No 2 of Trypilska TPP, they will be supported by PJSC "Centrenergo" with the appropriate information and expertise support and the results of the hearing will be systematized and included into the final Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

Contact details for public comments and suggestions:

The contact details for submission of public comments and suggestions:
1). Investor (Customer) - PJSC "Centrenergo".
Postal address: 04053, Kyiv, Vorovskogo street, 4.
Phone: +38 (044) 364-02-65, Fax: +38 (044) 364-02-76.

2) Trypilska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo" - Ukraine, 08720, Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, Ukrainka, Promyslova street, 1.
Deputy Director for capital investment
Phone: (04572) 5-58-92; Fax: (04572) 2-11-71

3) General Designer - PJSC KIEP - 01135, Kyiv, prospekt Peremohy, 4
Chairman of the Board
Phone: +38 (044) 236-09-32; Fax: +38 (044) 246-59-92.


Acting Chief Executive

PJSC "Centrenergo"

__________________ Oleg M. Kozemko


Chairman of the Board of PJSC KIEP

__________________ Y.V. Malahov