Technical development

Technical development

According to the "Energy Strategy of Ukraine for period till 2030" the thermal power plants will remain the basis of the power system of Ukraine for the specified period. Therefore in order to provide the power safety of Ukraine it is necessary to implement the Thermal power plants (TPP) development programs with definition of optimum alternatives for reconstruction, modernization, substitution, rehabilitation and new construction of the power capacities.

Thus the achievements of scientific and technical progress, experience of other countries in introduction of the newest technologies and technical solutions should be taken into account. The main and auxiliary equipment of PJSC "Centrenergo" thermal power units has been commissioned 40 - 50 years ago and has exhausted the economic service life defined by the designers and manufacturers, and the process systems, including monitoring and control systems, are worn-out and obsolete.

Основні напрями технічної політики
ПАТ «Центренерго»

  • Extension of the power units service life by 20 years; 
  • Increase of the power units installed capacity from the rated value by 8 - 10 % (220, 325 MW), improvement of the equipment reliability and maneuverability; 
  •  Increase of the power unit efficiency to the modern level of 36 %, reduction of reference fuel consumption at rated load per produced kWh up to 345 g/kWh; 
  •  Efficient combustion of low-quality coal with minimum natural gas "backlighting" in a wide range of loads; 
  •  Significant increase of the level of automation of the power unit process control; 
  •  Reduction of ambient emissions to the European norms, including coal ash up to 50 mg/nm3, sulfur oxides up to 400 mg/nm3, nitrogen oxides up to 1300 mg/nm3; 
  •  Compliance of the regulation system characteristics with European norms ЕІМТ50-E (UСТЕ).

Задачі технічного переозброєння
та реконструкції

In order to implement the instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 648-p dated 08.09.04 and the order of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine № 183 dated 24.05.06, PJSC "Centrenergo" worked out the strategic directions for development of the generating capacities of the Company for the period till 2016 which provide the following measures:

  • For the equipment with the least operating time, it is planned to make the extensive overhauls with partial reconstruction of the power units' main equipment with purpose of maximum recovery of their reliability and efficiency and ensuring their operability during 5 - 7 years.
  • For the power units № 2, 3 of Trypilska TPP, № 1, 9 of Zmiivska TPP, № 1 of Vuglegirska TPP which major assemblies have operating time close to their limit service life, to implement the extensive reconstruction of the main and auxiliary equipment which will extend the service life of the power units by 15 - 20 years and will improve their technical and economic parameters;
  • Since 2016 it is planned to take progressively for reconstruction the power units which achieved over 300 thousand operating hours, thus it is offered to apply the modern efficient technologies relating both to the electric power production and to environmental measures on reduction of emissions.
  • During implementation of the extensive reconstruction of the power units since 2012 till 2016 it is required to rehabilitate 2 power units per each thermal power plant with purpose of the further shutdown of the power units which exhausted their service life.