Vuglegirska TPP
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In 1968 - 1972 the infrastructure facilities have been constructed which provided the start-up of the first power unit with capacity 300 MW.
On December, 31, 1972 the first power unit was connected to the grid.
In 1973 the power units № 2, 3, 4 were commissioned. The installed capacity of the first stage reached the design value - 1200 MW.
In 1974 the construction of 3 power units with capacity 800 MW (each one) started.
In December, 1975 the power unit №5 with capacity 800 MW was commissioned.
In December, 1976 the power units №6 and №7 with capacity 800 MW (each one) were commissioned and the installed capacity of the thermal power plant has reached 3600 MW.

Vuglegirska thermal power plant is the most powerful power plant of the Company and the first largest power generating facility in Donetsk region. In addition, on the territory of the region there are Starobeshivska TPP (1575 MW), Slavyanska TPP (880 MW), Kurahivska TPP (1460 MW), Zuyevska TPP (1200 MW), Kramatorska CHPP (150 MW). Vuglegirska TPP supplies electricity to the most industrially advanced northeast regions of Ukraine. 

The designed capacity of Vuglegirska TPP makes 3600 MW 

The power plant was built in two stages: the first stage with capacity 1200 MW consists of four 300 MW power units with single furnace pulverized coal boilers with steam capacity 950 t/h and turbine units with capacity 300 MW each one; the second stage with capacity 2400 MW comprises three 800 MW power units with single furnace gas and fuel-oil boilers with steam capacity 2650 t/h and turbine units with capacity 800 MW. Each turbine unit is equipped with district heating plant with capacity 15 Gcal/h. These plants are intended for heating supply to the satellite town Svitlodarsk and the industrial site. 

The thermal flow diagram of the power plant is based on unit principle of TPP operation without cross connections between power units via the main lines. In the main building there is the common plant central control board, two unit control boards per four 300 MW power units and three unit control boards per three 800 MW power units. 

The process water supply system is circulating-type on the basis of the water reservoir which is created in the valley of the river Lugan. The cooling pond has the water surface area of 15 km2 and the maximum depth of 27 m. 

All generators of the power plant are connected according to the block diagram with transformers with capacity 400 and 1000 MVA. The output to the power grid is provided with voltages 110 and 330 kV from the outdoor switchgears. 

Presently, due to the lack of gas and fuel-oil 800 MW power units are in the cold standby with certain degree of preservation. The preservation of the boiler heating surfaces is made with warm air. 

Since commissioning of the first power unit with capacity 300 MW 40 years have passed. During this period the power plant produced more 500 billion kWh of the electric power. 

To date Vuglegirska TPP faces complicated financial situation and searches not only the ways to solve today's problems but also is looking for prospects of operation for the futureperiod. The thermal power plant managers and experts elaborated the technical program which provides the modernization and rehabilitation of the existing equipment. An ultimate goal of the program is to increase the efficiency rate of the power units by 4-5 %, to reduce the ambient emissions and to extend the service life for another 15 - 20 years.