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Our website presents the Public Joint-Stock Company "Centrenergo", one of the largest power generating companies in Ukraine, which plays a leading part in life-sustaining activity of such industrially advanced regions of Ukraine as Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

PJSC "Centrenergo" carries out its main activity on the basis of the license for the right to carry out economic activity for the production of electricity, issued in accordance with the Resolution of the National Regulatory Commission of Ukraine of June 7, 2019 №995, and also based on the license for the right to conduct economic activity in the production of thermal energy serial number AE No. 194660 of 22.05.2014.

The transfer of thermal energy through the backbone and local thermal networks is carried out under the license of NRCU series AD № 041970 from 01.02.2013.

The supply of thermal energy is carried out under the license of NRCU of series AD № 041967 from 01.02.2013.

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Actual address: Ukraine

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Phone: + 38 (044) 364-02-14, + 38 (044) 364-02-65

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Company History

PJSC "Centrenergo" is already in business activity for more than 15 years. But the power plants which made the basis for the company date since 60 - 70-ies. This is the history of many thousands staff of builders, operating personnel who is on duty day and night controlling the sophisticated equipment and systems from the control panels of the power plants, eliminating malfunctions and implementing new technologies, thus ensuring reliable electricity supply to the industry and the population of Ukraine. 


Zmiivska TPP origin goes back to 1955 when the terms of reference for construction of the large base State District Power Plant (SDPP) . In 1960 the first power unit was commissioned and in 1969 the power plant reached its design capacity - 24 MW. Since April, 1995 Zmiivska SDPP was taken out from the structure of the Production and Power Company "Kharkivenergo" and was transferred to the incorporated State Joint-Stock Power Company "Centrenergo". 


The construction of Trypilska SDPP started in 1963. The power plant was built in two stages. In December, 1969 the first power unit was set for industrial operation. In 1972 Trypilska SDPP was completely commissioned.  


In 1966 the order about construction in 1967 - 1977 of Vuglegirska SDPP with capacity 3600 MW was approved. On December, 31, 1972 at 19.25 the first power unit with capacity 300MW was connected to the grid. In 1973 the power units № 2, 3, 4 were commissioned and the installed capacity of the first stage reached the design value - 1200 MW. In 1981 the electricity design output 22 billion kW/h per year was achieved. Due to the re-structuring of the industry in 1995 Vuglegirska SDPP was taken out from the structure of Production and Power Company "Donbassenergo" and became the part of SJSC "Centrenergo".


In course of operation the power plant equipment was subject to required overhauls, reconstruction and modernization. In parallel with development and expansion of the power plants' capacities the satellite towns grown up and the social infrastructure of the regions served by the largest Ukrainian power generating companies was developed. 

The State Enterprise "Centrenergo" was established on the basis of Zmiivska, Vuglegirska and Trypilska TPPs by the order № 49 of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of Ukraine dated March, 17, 1995 as a result of re-structuring and privatization of the power sector of Ukraine. Its renaming into the State Joint-Stock Power Generating Company "Centrenergo" (SJSC "Centrenergo") took place in the same year.


In 1996 the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine registered the issue of SJSC "Centrenergo" shares and took decision about privatization of the corporatized enterprises SJSC "Centrenergo". The first shareholder's general meeting in 1998 made decisions about re-registration of SJSC "Centrenergo" into the Open Joint-Stock Company "State Power Generating Company "Centrenergo" (OJSC "Centrenergo"). Pursuant to the law of Ukraine "About joint-stock companies" on March, 29, 2011 OJSC "Centrenergo" was renamed into the Public Joint-Stock Company "Centrenergo" (PJSC "Centrenergo"). 


Today PJSC "Centrenergo" moves forward with confidence by providing stable electric power production, improving efficiency of operation of the existing equipment due to its modernization and re-structuring, by introducing new technologies and enhancing standards of the social responsibility. The traditions set up by the preceding generations of the power engineering specialists are kept and enriched.