Trypilska TPP
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In January, 1962 the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of USSR has approved the site for construction of the power plant.
In 1967 the construction of the thermal power plant's main facilities started.
At the end of 1969 the state commission has accepted the first TPP power unit for commercial operation.
In September, 1972 the last sixth power unit was commissioned.
In 1995 Trypilska TPP became the part of the newly established State Enterprise "Centrenergo".

Trypilska TPP is located on the Dniper river bank in 45 km to the south of Kyiv, near the village Trypillya. After shutdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Trypilska TPP with its installed capacity 1800 MW is the largest power generating facility in Kyiv region. Other electricity sources in the region are the following: Kyiv Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) №5 and CHPP-6 with capacity 700 MW and 500 MW accordingly, and Darnytska CHPP with the installed capacity 160 MW, located in Kyiv.

The power plant was built in two stages. The first stage included 4 two-boiler single-turbine power units with capacity 300 MW. The structure of the power unit comprises double-furnace direct flow steam boilers TPP-210A, steam turbines K-300-240, generators TGV-300 and transformers TDC-400000/330.

The second stage comprised two single-boiler single-turbine power units with capacity 300 MW with single furnace boilers TGMP-314, turbines K-300-240-2, generators and transformers similar to ones of the first stage.

The main building is erected according to the universal design of the pulverized coal-fired TPP with power units with capacity 300 MW (each one).

The basic fuel is Donetsk anthracite culm supplied via railway. The backup "backlighting" fuel is gas and fuel-oil.

The gas supply facilities include two gas distributing plants with capacity 320 thousand m3/h and gas piping system.

The process water supply system is direct-flow with water intake from Kaniv water reservoir. Its scope comprises two pump stations.

The thermal power plant water treatment unit provides 250 t/h of demineralized water based on ion-exchange method for direct-flow boilers.

Since its commissioning time Trypilska TPP has produced above 343,3 billion kWh of electric power and 5,3 million Gcal of heat energy.

Working nowadays in uneasy conditions the power plant personnel can be proud that the power plant remains one of the most reliable and capable to bear the full electric loading.

The electricity produced by Trypilska TPP first of all is supplied to Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Cherkassy regions.

Trypilska TPP requires the further reconstruction of the equipment. In order to implement the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 648-p dated 08.09.04 PJSC "Centrenergo" implemented the reconstruction project of the pulverized coal-fired power unit №2 of Trypilska TPP. As a result of reconstruction was an icrease the parameters of its efficiency, reliability, safety, extension of service life of the equipment, as well as reduction of emissions to the level of the European standards.

Today PJSC "Centerenergy" and Trypilska thermal power plant carry out a complex of construction and installation works for the technical re-equipment of the systems of supplying, preparation and combustion of anthracite fuel with the transfer of boiler units for the use of coal of the mark "B". At the beginning of 2019, at the Trypilska TPP, two power units (items No. 3, 4) were converted to coal combustion of the gas group.

Trypilska TPP constantly works on use of recyclable raw materials – ashes and slags - for needs of the national economy, for motorways filling-in, manufacturing of building materials.

During service life of Trypilska TPP the remarkable town of the power engineers - Ukrainka has grown up where about 20 thousand people live.