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Ukraine, 63460, Kharkiv region, Zmiivsky district, urban-type settlement Slobozhanske,Balakliyske shosse street, 2Phone: + (380 472) 63-77-04
The history of the enterprise began in 1977. On July, 1, 1977 USSR-wide Cherkassy territorial workshop "Remenergomechanizatsia" was established which made part of Moscow enterprise "Remenergomechanizatsia" of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR.
In 1991 on the basis of Cherkassy territorial workshop Cherkassy branch of the small state enterprise "Remenergo" was founded within the structure of the association "Ukrenergokomplekt" which made part of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the Ukrainian SSR.
In 1993 the small state enterprise "Remenergo" was reorganized into the state enterprise "Remenergo" within the structure of the association "Ukrenergokomplekt" with legal entity status.
Since 1996 the structural unit "Remenergo" is included into the structure of the State Joint-Stock Power Generating Company "Centrenergo".

The manufacturing enterprise "Remenergo" is the repair service structural unit of PJSC "Centrenergo" which performs the repairing works on the main and auxiliary equipment of the Company's thermal power plants. In 1999 - 2002 the enterprise established four repair sites at the power plants and on the basis of Cherkassy territorial workshop the Cherkassy mechanical site is in operation which manufactures the spare parts for repairing of the power plants' main and auxiliary equipment for needs of the Company and for selling to the third parties. The major works performed by the repair sites are the following:

  • Boiler cleaning works;
  • Repair and maintenance of the load-lifting mechanisms;
  • Works on repairing and recovering of the refractory-face water-wall tubes of the boilers;
  • Repairing of the pulverized-coal systems of the boiler burner devices;
  • Repairing of the current transformers and circuit-breakers in the outdoor switchgears, generators and high-voltage motors;
  • Repairing of the thermal insulation on the heat mechanical equipment;
  • Repairing of the fuel and transport workshop equipment and wet ash removal systems;
  • Repairing of the ventilation systems in the power plants' workshops;
  • Repairing of the turbine units auxiliaries;
  • Repairing of the heating surfaces.

While implementing the repairing works they use both the standard tools and the unique equipment developed and manufactured by ME "Remenergo" specialists. The production and technical department applies the modern scientific products and computer technologies which enable prompt and quality solution of the engineering tasks with different complexity. The enterprise has sufficient technical and technological conditions for manufacturing of the quality products according to the requirements of domestic and international standards, constantly works on expansion of the products range and the sales markets.

The individual approach, precise production process management, competence and responsibility of the employees guarantee the provision of the optimum and high quality services.