The major purpose of PJSC "Centrenergo" activity is profit making, stable production of electric and thermal energy and achievement of the best industrial and financial performances. The Company's thermal power plants...

Electricity production

Structural Unit Unit of measurement 2013 2014 2015 2016 Vuglegirska TPP Million kWh 2 288 3 643 4 447 4 879 Zmiivska TPP Million kWh 7 046 5 002 1 181 2 279 Trypilska TPP Million kWh 4 490 3 869 2 794 2 700 Centrenergo Million kWh 13 824 12 514 8 422 9 858

Electricity supply

Порядок подання споживачами звернень, скарг, претензій, надання повідомлень про загрозу електробезпеці та їх розгляду
У разі виникнення у споживача електричної енергії скарг, претензій або необхідності звернення або повідомлення про загрозу електробезпеки для їх розгляду необхідно звертатися на поштову/електронну адреси або за контактними телефонами.


The major purpose of PJSC "Centrenergo" activity is profit making, stable production of electric and thermal energy and achievement of the best industrial and financial performances. The Company's thermal power plants operate in the power regulation mode within
the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine, covering the common power load of the system and at the same time the heat demand of the region. The total installed design capacity of the Company's power plants' units makes 76 MW that equals 1 % of the generating capacities of Ukraine.
According to the "Energy Strategy of Ukraine for period till 2030" the thermal power plants will remain the basis of the power system of Ukraine for the specified period.
Therefore in order to provide the power safety of Ukraine it is necessary to implement the Thermal power plants (TPP) development programs with definition of optimum alternatives for reconstruction, modernization, substitution, rehabilitation and new construction of the power capacities.
PJSC "Centrenergo" thermal power plants have significant wear and tear of the generating capacities. In order to ensure stable operation of the equipment, flexibility range expansion, increase of the installed capacity and power units' efficiency and mitigation
of negative environmental impact, it is necessary to implement the equipment modernization and reconstruction program. The power units' reconstruction shall be made with focus on maximum use of domestic coal.


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The technical policy of "Centrenergo" provides for significant scope of modernization, reconstruction and major overhauls of the power plants' equipment. The implementation of the quality repairs and technical re-equipment will permit to keep the power units in appropriate technical condition, to extend the limit service life, to improve the profitability and reliability of the equipment.


In order to perform the planned scopes of the repairing works "Centrenergo" has its own repairing workshops and service capacities at the power plants with highly skilled maintenance personnel which performs the repairing works on the main and auxiliary equipment of the thermal power plants. 


Within the structure of "Centrenergo" there is repair service - Manufacturing Enterprise "Remenergo". The enterprise has fully-staffed specialized teams for repairing of the equipment. The specialization of the personnel contributes to the improvement of the repair work quality. The structure of "Remenergo" includes 4 industrial sites (Trypilska, Zmiivska and Vuglegirska №1 and №2) and Cherkassy mechanical site. To date "Remenergo" tasks cover not only the repairing works on the Company's thermal power plants equipment, but also the services to the third party customers.


Also for performance of the repairing works PJSC "Centrenergo" involves the personnel of the specialized subcontracting organizations. The main works performed by the subcontracting organizations' personnel are the following: manufacturing and replacement of the boiler heating surfaces, repairing of the pulverized coal handling systems, turbines with replacement of the rotor blades, repairing of the electric equipment etc.

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